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{ Getting used to the pain }
10 Disember 2014 | 5:18 PTG | 0 comments

Yah. Everything hurts. Hurts so fucking damn much. Bring me to tears. I'm weak. Haih.

  • Please help me so that I can say goodbye to everyone and bid farewell with a smile
  • The moment I've always dreamed about breaks down and after everyone I believed would stay by me, leaves.
  • The pieces of my memories is among them, just one, just one moment became strength to me
  • Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone
  • They believe in my fake smiles and get suprised when I say I’m depressed
  • Am I not so good at hiding and controlling my feelings or are you just another liar saying you will help me if I tell you the truth?
xoxo, Darwisy.