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A Side Of Me
20 Mei 2016 | 4:14 PG | 0 comments

It seems like lately I just have been holding so much in besides the anger I was feeling. I tend to seclude myself from it all when I am feeling this way. I push people away, I don't care to do anything. I am just in this weird zone. Getting everything out is hard for me even when I hve someone I can vent and rely to.  That was how it i am in a public places. At home, i tend to skip my meals and sit or laying down in my room for few hours till dinners. After dinners, I go back to my room, doesn't switching on the light and lying down while playing my phone or laptop. I'll switch on the light just when I have a homework or assignment to do. I don't like to sit around in the living room or near people and have a talk or whatsoever it is called. I am by myself. Sitting quietly without any thoughts. Why do I get like this? I really don't know, as much as i think about it I really don't know why. Writting all these feelings out always make things make more sense then when I just sit here and ponder all day long.