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It's crazy
22 Mei 2016 | 7:59 PTG | 0 comments

on how you can be so wrong about a person. You can really think you know someone. You can trust them, and you help them, and you support them, and you love them, and you care for them, and then one day you realize, they aren’t there for you anymore. They just… change. You see them differently. They weren’t the person you knew before. They don’t value you anymore. You’d think, after all you’ve been through, they’d stick with you. Help you out for a change. But see, humans are inherently selfish; everyone is. It’s when people connect with another person that shit gets tricky. Looking out for someone else is against our nature, it’s illogical, really. Why do it? You wish you didn’t care, didn’t trust, didn’t need them. But you’re special, you’re different. You outsource, you like company, you like having people to trust, and help, and care about. Problem is, you have to find the right person to do it for. You have to find the person who appreciates you, who loves you, who tells you they love you, and will always be there for you like you were there for them. People who know what they have before it’s gone, leaving, fleeting, dying, gone. People like that are hard to come by, especially when you think you know someone, think they are like that, that they are the one you knew so well, but it only ends in disappointment. You’re vulnerable, gullible, and you believe in the goodness of people, you believe you can rely on them, you believe you can depend on them in your moment of weakness. But you can’t. You don’t really know anyone until you see how they treat you when your hands are tied, when your back is against the wall, when your face is kicked in and your heart is bleeding. That’s when you know someone. That’s when you really know someone. That’s when you find the one. We don’t have to waste our time with those who are too wrapped up in their own lives and feelings to see we are crying or those who turn a blind eye to our screams. We don’t need them, and they don't deserve us. We are going to find the few who care about us back, who can see past the walls of their own confines. They are out there, and we will find each other. I promise.